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Legal advisory
- civil law
- labor law
- family law
- bank evaluation
- business valuation
- enterprise evaluation
- property evaluation
- damage evaluation
- machinery and equipment valuation
- real-estate valuation
- intangible assets and intellectual property (goodwill, patent, trademarks) valuation
Corporate law
- set up business
- commercial legal entities
- not-for-profit legal entities
- enterprise reorganization
- re-registration
Mergers & Acquisitions
- liquidation of LLC

Offshore business



- quarterly and annual reports
Labor and employment

Arbitration and litigation

Judicial translation

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About the Legal firm


Founded in Moscow in 1997 by Doctor of Judicial Science, USTERRA has created a leading position in corporate legal services in the Russian market. The company deals with businesses from 24 countries around the Globe and has lawyers with decades of experience in the Russian Federation and qualified representatives in the United States and France. The firm’s expertise covers all aspects of Russian legislation, accounting and business environments. The company is able to advise on how to accomplish your objectives in cases that others find daunting and unfamiliar.

The Russian business environment happens to be sophisticated. USTERRA has established strong networks with tax, government, notary and other authorities. We provide our services promptly and efficiently. USTERRA is completely integrated into the Russian business environment and understands the depth and scope of every case. The firm is capable to resolve the most demanding issues.

We believe in social values and trust. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised about our fees. USTERRA is interested in keeping long-term relations with clients and expects every client to come back.


Legal firm USTERRA provides a wide range of legal and business services. Our professional team is ready to offer help to everyone. Among our clients are small companies as well as huge holding companies, government organizations, multinational businesses and national universities.

Once you require legal or business consultation about the Russian Federation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your first consultation is always free of charge.

Legal advisory

We provide private and corporate clients with superior advice on civil, labor and family laws. You may require written legal statements to prove your position in the eyes of an employer, court, relatives and other counter-parties. If you need a professional lawyer in Russia, we are ready to take your case and achieve your goal.


USTERRA is officially certified to provide any kind of valuation according to Federal Law ‘About valuation in the Russian Federation’ №135 and Federal Standards of Valuation 1-3. However, the law and the standards don’t cover all the aspects of practical valuation though. When the scope of a client request is beyond Russian legislation, in practice the valuation companies apply International Valuation Standards 1-4.

We are certified to perform the following kinds of valuation: business, machine and equipment, real estate, intangible assets and intellectual property (goodwill, patent, trademarks) and others. The purpose of every valuation varies from case to case.

Our reports can be officially used for investors, courts, banks, insurance companies, or in case it’s necessary to take a loan from a bank, to sell a stake within or outside an enterprise, to attract investors, to step into succession, or to develop or change business strategy.

Corporate law

USTERRA serves commercial and not-for-profit organizations on each step from the original establishment of the enterprise through all aspects of its evolution and operation. The firm is capable to perform liquidation or bankruptcy of current legal entities. The company will advise you on certain business structures to optimize your taxes and transactions.

We bring local depth in every area of law affecting our corporate clients. Our lawyers will help to select the most appropriate legal form for your objectives and efficient business structure as well as to formalize relations with Russian partners.

Registration, re-registration and legal support of legal entities is one of USTERRA’s main activities. We assist with registration of both commercial and non-commercial organizations and offshore businesses. The legal firm USTERRA is a leader in registration and re-registration of legal entities, including the most popular form of business formation in Russia – LLC (Limited Liability Company). We do our work promptly and efficiently. Legal firm USTERRA assures you results in initiating a company or a re-registration of your current business. A short summary of Russian legal entities is the following:

Registration of legal entities in Russia Offshore
  Registration of a LLC   Registration of non-commercial organizations Also we register an offshore for you. An offshore is a free of taxation company.  
The goal of registration of an LLC and other commercial organizations is to gain profit.   The goal of registration of non-commercial organizations is to increase public utility by working in charity, scientific, or educational fields.

The most popular:


  • Registration of non-commercial partnerships,
  • Registration of autonomous non-commercial organizations;
  • Registration of non-commercial funds.
  • Registration offshore in Belize, Gibraltar, USA, Great Britain, Cyprus.


You may decide to delegate all the accountant work to USSTERA. Our team of accountants provides you with tax, funds and transaction reports to help you achieve maximum business efficiency.

Labor and employment

USTERRA is capable to create a full package of necessary documents, orders, books and contracts, according to labor law and goals of your company. The firm also provides the opportunity of out staffing.

Arbitration and litigation

To get ready for trial you need the help of professionals. Our lawyers will defend your rights and interests in court. Cases in courts, especially in arbitrage court, require highly precise attention and strong experience. Only with a professional lawyer will you win your case. However, USTERRA’s fees for arbitration and litigation are one of the lowest on the market.

Judicial translation

The Russian language is the only official language in the Russian Federation. We suggest performing all the necessary translation of documents from other languages in Russian with a Russian notary stamp and, if required, with apostil. It will guarantee acceptance of the documents in all authorities. USTERRA employs professional certified translators who will prepare your documents specifically for further authorities.

Social responsibilities

Since 2008, USTERRA organizes trainings and internships for Russian students each summer. The firm has established strong relations with and is performing seminars at The State University-Higher School of Economics.


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