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Legal advisory
- civil law
- labor law
- family law
- bank evaluation
- business valuation
- enterprise evaluation
- property evaluation
- damage evaluation
- machinery and equipment valuation
- real-estate valuation
- intangible assets and intellectual property (goodwill, patent, trademarks) valuation
Corporate law
- set up business
- commercial legal entities
- not-for-profit legal entities
- enterprise reorganization
- re-registration
Mergers & Acquisitions
- liquidation of LLC

Offshore business



- quarterly and annual reports
Labor and employment

Arbitration and litigation

Judicial translation

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USTERRA provides all services essential for business including accounting.

There are four accounting services that we offer:

- Consulting on preparing financial statements

- Financial statements recovery

- Consulting on taxes

- Arbitration connected with tax dispute

Consulting on accounting is an essential part of running any kind of business. We successfully deal with non-standard and untypical situations and always ready to answer on your questions.

We are an ideal candidate for accounting outsourcing. You can get a proficient support that will save your money because you won’t have to hire an accountant.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Phone:+7 (495) 650-21-72 or +1 (917) 575 95 64

E-mail: info@usterra.ru


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