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Liquidation of LLC

There are several ways to conduct liquidation of LLC and choice depends on a situation. You can discuss your case with our specialists and they will be happy to help you to choose the most suitable variant for you.

First of all there is an official way of LLC liquidation. It is the safest option, however it takes a lot of time and it is the most difficult way due to law.

Second of all it is possible to conduct a LLC liquidation in a form of reorganization. Your firm will be merged or acquired with other one.

Finally liquidation of LLC can be done by changing of stakeholders and CEO.

All these options have pluses and drawbacks, choice is yours. We promise you that we will take care of work in any case. All you need to do is to provide us with essential documents (you can consult our specialist to get a list of them) and be patient because liquidation of LLC is a time taking process.

Our specialists have a great experience so it will be wise and safe to trust us to deal with liquidation of LCC, you will be in good hands. Our employees had finished best universities and they possess all essential skills for conducting LLC liquidation. It is highly recommended to contact our specialists first to discuss all points related to your case or to ask questions if you have ones.

USTERRA serves commercial and not-for-profit organizations on each step from the original establishment of the enterprise through all aspects of its evolution and operation. The firm is capable to perform liquidation or bankruptcy of current legal entities. The company will advise you on certain business structures to optimize your taxes and transactions.

We bring local depth in every area of law affecting our corporate clients. Our lawyers will help to select the most appropriate legal form for your objectives and efficient business structure as well as to formalize relations with Russian partners.

Registration, re-registration and legal support of legal entities is one of USTERRA’s main activities. We assist with registration of both commercial and non-commercial organizations and offshore businesses. The legal firm USTERRA is a leader in liquidation of legal entities, including the most popular form of business formation in Russia – LLC (Limited Liability Company). We do our work promptly and efficiently. Legal firm USTERRA assures you results in liquidation of LLC.


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