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- enterprise reorganization
- re-registration
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USTERRA is a leader in corporate law and company re-registration is one of our primary activities. We are able to work under stress and finish any work as fast as possible.

Our jurists have great experience and knowledge that’s why you should be assured that your company will be registrated.

There are several reasons for company re-registration, and main reasons for that are:

1) Changing a board of directors.

2) Changing of a juridical adress

3) Changing of a current account

It should be mentioned that it is a usual practice when companies in Russia buy a juridical address to avoid issues with re-registration. In this case a company’s physical address is different from a company’s juridical address. You can buy a juridical address in our company, we offer a variety of juridical addresses, and you can choose the most suitable for you. We guarantee that our addresses will pass a Tax inspection and Tax inspection checks.

Working with us is a good choice because we provide full service for you on every step of re-registration. Our jurists will answer any question you might have.

Registration, re-registration and legal support of legal entities is one of USTERRA’s main activities. We assist with registration of both commercial and non-commercial organizations and offshore businesses. The legal firm USTERRA is a leader in registration and re-registration of legal entities, including the most popular form of business formation in Russia – LLC (Limited Liability Company). We do our work promptly and efficiently. Legal firm USTERRA assures you results in initiating a company or a re-registration of your current business.


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