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Registration of LLC

Registration of LLC

Registration of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the main duties of USTERRA. It should be taken into account that a Russian LLC is different from an American one (and not only American), although it has a similar name.

According to law of the Russian Federation, LLC is always organized for profit that is to be shared between partners of the LLC.

The primary characteristic of the LLC is limited liability. It means that members are responsible for debts of the LCC within their shares. On the other hand, a LLC is not responsible for debts of its members, which makes it a very comfortable organizational form. LLC is well suited for companies with a single owner, but it’s also great for companies with several owners. At the same time, it’s not recommended to have more than five members because universal agreement on any issue is requested. And having more than 50 members is prohibited by law.

LLC is the most popular organizational form in Russia thanks to its advantages.

LLC can be created both by a single person or group of people and legal entity, both by citizens and non-citizens of the Russian Federation.

One of the many advantages of LLC is little paperwork. LLC is less controlled by the government than a JSC for example. Also you don’t need a lot of money to register an LLC. Owner’s capital should be more than 10000 rubles. Simplified taxation can be easily implied to the LLC, and it is a huge advantage.

LLC can engage in any activity if it’s not prohibited by law.

If you have any questions about the procedure of registering an LLC, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will make everything clear.

When you decide to open an LCC, you should contact us and we will discuss all necessary procedures regarding registration. First of all you should bring us all documents required for registration. Here is a list of them:

1) Copies of founders’ and chief executive officer’s passports

2) Copies of social security numbers.

After that we will discuss a charter of your LCC and make an appointment to visit a notary. You should have your passport with you when visiting a notary.

Then we gather a set of documents for you and your next step is visiting a Tax inspection office to apply for registration of an LCC. Our agent will meet you there and guide you through all steps of the application. Unfortunately we can’t apply for a registration without you because of the law.

Finally all you have to do is to wait for the documents from the Tax inspection office, codes of statistic and documents from funds. It usually takes about two weeks to get all documents confirming registration of an LLC.

The cost of our service of registration of LLC is 10500 rubles. This price includes a national duty, but doesn’t include the price for notary service.

Our main task is keeping our clients satisfied. If you come to our company, you won’t be disappointed.

Working hours are from 10 am to 8 pm on weekdays. On weekends and holidays you may reach us by +7 (495) 5079563, +1 (917) 5759564, +33 (611) 108168. In case of urgent issues, our lawyers will serve you on weekends and holidays.


Registration of LLC (Limited Liability Company) from the legal firm "Usterra"

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